【Regarding Sales】

In order to determine the best price in which to sell your property, we will first inspect the property, examine the condition, and then carefully consider comparable market prices, so that the property will not be over or under priced.


Not necessarily. We can go forth with sales transactions via mail, email, fax, etc. The only time you need to be present is when signing conveyance documents, which should be signed at an American Embassy in the presence of a Notary Public.


Finding a buyer will depend on various factors such as the price, the interior’ s impression, and the condition of the market when the property is listed. If the property does not see much interaction from the market within a month of it being listed, we recommend solutions such as reconsidering the price.


Of course! When we have interested buyers that would like to look at the property we will inform you in advance to make arrangements. We recommend keeping the property clean for such occasions.


In sales, there is a six percent commission fee that must be paid to the Brokerage Firm. 3% will be given to the Brokerage Firm of the buyer agent. Other fees include escrow fees, title search fees, conveyance document fees, termite inspection, and other registration fees. It is safe to consider 1% of the entire sales price for fees.


For sales, there are various taxations that could be involved, some of which involve conveyance taxation, and taxation on capital gains. In the case that the seller is a foreign person, the Hawaii State Government requires a 5% taxation, and the Federal Government a 10% taxation of the property (eligible for tax returns).


It will usually take about a month to two months.


The proceeds are disbursed by escrow upon closing.


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